Would you like us to bring The Transports to your school? We’ve created a wonderful workshop that’s suitable for all Key Stage Two: years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Using games, songs, acting and storytelling, we take the children on a journey from rural England to Australia in the 1780s.

“Children were buzzing, staff were enthused and the two of you gave our kids a truly memorable experience of an amazing story,” said Beth Rowe from Pontesbury C.E. Primary School in Shropshire. “Thank you so much for your time and talents today.”

Along the way, the children learn how hard it was to work as an eighteenth century maid, experience life in a crowded jail (with rats), create a mail coach that rides across the country, build a ship, sing shanties and sail to Australia. Through this story, they find out about migration, exile, and what it was like to be a citizen in Britain back then.

The workshop features Sean Cooney and Matthew Crampton from the show, who are brilliant at working with children. It’s a one hour workshop, which they can repeat with different years during their day at your school. They can also address assembly in the morningĀ  with stories and songs.

“The children really enjoyed today. My class in particular were able to recall allĀ of the important facts (right down to the different parts of a boat!) and really understood the message. A big thank you from us!” said Heather Davies of Trinity C.E. Primary School in Ford.

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These photos show students from Trinity C.E. Primary School in Ford, Shropshire. We would like to thank Shrewsbury Folk Festival for their support in bringing The Transports to local schools.